Adventskalender: ‚Ice Princess‘ Bling

Bling time today for a proper ice princess or snow queen. You might have realised that I got a thing for brooches. But they are easy and fun. You can pin them to a handbag, your outerwear (each of my coats hat its own brooch) or simply on yourself (or rather yopur shirt/ dress/sweater/vest… a single one or a clutter. Necklaces are a bit neglected since I usually wear a scarf with almost everything.

Lovely Ice skate brooches, like this one here on Etsy

shimmering skates
or a pretty vintage figure skater brooch

it’ll be pirouettes next!
A bracelet is always nice for a littel bling and can also be worn above a bracelet or ellbowlength glove.

bling bracelet

And a proper ice princess needs a crown – since a tiara is not for everyone and especially not for everyday – I guess you can get away with this headband.

add a little sparkle to your life!

and last but not least a muff to keep your fingers toasty! in a soft peachy/ blush pink.

warm and cute!


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