Shop with Me: Winter Sale 14/15

Join me on my virtual winter sale spree on Pinterest!
Am still thinking about that checked dress (though I have the very same in plain gray, but it is fetching). There are some nince coats and jackets as well as more dresses. Decisions, decisions!

Kommt mit zu meinem virtuellen Winterschlussverkaufs Bummel auf Pinterest!
Ich überlege immer noch ob ich mir das karierte Kleid kaufen soll, allerdings habe ich das schon in uni-grau – aber es sieht halt verdammt gut aus. Mit inder Auswahl sind noch ein paar Mäntel und Jacken, wie auch ein paar weitere Kleider. Da fällt es schwer sich zu entscheiden!

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#GermanCurves: NYE Golden Girl

The German plus size community #GermanCurves has a challenge today: A Glamorous New Year’s Eve  – Mit Glamour in das neue Jahr!.

I will post another outfit, a safer one. But what could be more glam than a golden brocade coat? Mine is from Lane Bryant, not sure which season. I got it last spring on I had the sleeves shortened to 3/4 length to give it that 60s vibe. Am very happy that it is tailored. The vintage fur cuffs used to be a scarf I got at my regular bric-a-brac place for 6 EUR! Another friendly seamstress turned them into cuffs. The dress is a cold blush pink, got that in spring, too. Once I go back to my natural blond I will ditch the pink heels with the outfit – but today I like how they match my hair.


Brocade Coat: Lane Bryant, before spring 2014
Dress: Marks + Spencer, spring 2014
Heels: Sex and the City Collection Görtz, ca. 2009
Ring: Evans, ca. 2008
Clutch, other Jewelly + Fur Cuffs: vintage



Adventskalender: OOTD Downtime

I love this dress. Or rather the idea of it. The pattern of the skirt reminds me of Orla Kiely or marimekko patterns. And yet it is good old Marks and Spencer who made it. It is a lovely dress. Not sure when it was in the shops. I got it on Ebay, this summer. Three quarter sleeves, jersey top and a lined kneelength polycotton skirt. Fun. Easy to wear.

So where is the catch? The waist is a bit too high for my liking. So I got myself a vest. That little trick lowers the waistline to where mine actually is. Ha! Got that on Ebay, too. The little picture on the right shows something else that should look ace with the rest. In theory. Not so chuffed with the look on on screen. Prooves, be your own editor. I much prefer it with the black scarf. Makes it less busy.

The delightful 1950s hat is from my favorite vintage place in town. Though vintage is a bit of a mouthful. They are an indoor fleamarket/ second hand/ bric-a-brac shop. A treasure trove. The real deal, not a glossy vintage boutique. Back to the half hat – my cousin and I saw it together on one of our rarehopping sprees – and though she saw it first, she let me have it. And now with the new haircut it finally looks really cute. And yes, it matches my persian lamb handwarmer/ handbag really well. Love the mixed materials – felt and fur (the latter has to be vintage though). 

2014-12-14 m+s summerdress Kopiedress: Marks and Spencer (summer, not quite sure when)
tights: as above
vest/ waistcoat: Evans (again, not quite sure which collection)
black scarf: Primark
white fake fur scarf, armwarmers; H&M (the armwarmers are 2012/2013, the scarf 2004)
shoes: Deichmann (the ballet flats, too)
hat + brooch: vintage

Some you have seen it before – but here is my handwarmer/ handbag again! Original 1950s. Mint condition when I got it. Like many other things this was kept for good. And at the end of its original owners lifetime was never worn. So next time you think something it too fancy to wear, think again.

Adventskalender: OOTD Tapestry Love

The last couple of days were a bit busy and I wasn’t happy with the pics I still had. But here is another outfit post. The dress arrived a couple of weeks ago (and it was back then on sale). I have a mega crush on more or less all things tapestry. Bought my first tapestry bag in 2010, but even before that I pined for one for years.

Earlier this year I bought two tapestry brooches. A tiny perfume bottle and a dinky umbrella with a matching handbag.

Vintage Tapestry Brooches

Sometime ago I came across Simply Be’s Tapestry Dress. When I ordered it I knew it would be on the short side – with a legth of 91cm. Too short for my taste. But I had an idea, how that could be helped. With the help of a capable seamstress. On the left is the dress when it arrived, on the right the photoshopped version how I thought it might look with the tweed insert to elongate the dress. Standing in front of the mirror it looks kind of ok, sitting down however wasn’t.

I was pretty pleased with the result and I really, really like to wear that dress. And have worn it so far at least once a week.
Tapestry Dress with Teal
tapestry dress: Simply Be
scarf: Tie Rack (ca. 2005)
tights: H&M
heels (2011): Marks and Spencer
brooch + handbag: vintage

Die letzten Tage waren leider recht vollgepackt und ich war auch nicht glücklich mit den Bildern, die ich noch hatte. Aber hier ist endlich wieder ein Outfit. Das Gobelinkleid ist vor ein paar Wochen angekommen – und da warr es ordentlich reduziert! Ich finde Gobelin“sachen“ toll. Meine erste Gobelinhandtasche habe ich vor ca. vier Jahren gekauft und davor wollte ich schon ewige Zeiten eine haben. Früher im Jahr habe ich die zwei Gobelinbroschen auf Ebay gefunden: einen kleinen Parfümflacon und ein niedlicher Schirm mit passender Handtasche.
Vor relativ kurzer Zeit habe ich dann das Kleid bei SImply Be entdeckt, siehe Simply Be’s Tapestry Dress. Als ich das Kleid bestellt hatte, wusste ich, dass es etwas zur kurz war – mit einer Länge (oder Kürze?) von 91cm. Aber ich hatte eine Idee und mit Hilfe einer findigen Schneiderin und einem Vintage-Tweed-Stoff konnte das Kleid verlängert werden. Als ich vorm Spiegel stand, fand ich das Kleid eigentlich ok, sitzend ging es aber gar nicht. Links also die Originallänge und rechts im Bild die Photoshopversion wie ich mir das Ergebnis vorgestellt hatte.
Über das Ergebnis war ich hocherfreut und ich ziehe das Kleid sehr, sehr gerne an. Bis jetzt ziehe ich das Kleid mindestens einmal die Woche an.

Adventskalender: #StyleCrush Meet the Snow Queen

My favorite harpist is on tour again. It is always a huge pleasure to hear Nadia Birkenstock in concert. Ever since her album Winter Tales she is the ultimate Snow Queen for me. This is how winter should look!


and in this touristy pic with me at Castle Haut Koenigsbourg in Alsace

This is one of my favorite songs Nadia has on youTube.

Meine Lieblingsharfinistin ist wieder auf Tour. Ich freue mich immer wieder auf Nadia Birkenstocks Konzerte. Seit ihrem Album Winter Tales ist sie für mich DIE Schneköniging schlechthin. So sollte Winter aussehen!

Christmas Bling

„Santa Baby, just slip a sable some bling under the tree, For me…Been an awful good girl…“
Today opens the Christmas market in town. The town centre is now full of little huts selling trinkets, artisanal stuff and lots of food – some is even pretty good! An entire alley (Glühweingasse!) is turned in to a mulled wine bar. Which is also the predominant drink you can get in town these days. You can drink in on an old school merry-go-round, in a giant Christmas pyramid and in front of dozens of huts. We even have a flying Santa Show!

About time to get some things matching the madness! Let me start with this – no matter how ironic you wear them, I am not really fond of Christmas sweaters. Even if you get a free Colin Firth with them. Especially the creepy ehm… humorous kind. However, I love a bit of Christmas Kitsch.

Novelty brooches, charm bracelets, silly earings and hats or fascinators are all fine with me. Fine enough to share a few of my finds (keep in mind shipping can take longer these days – AND don’t forget you might have to pay customs for some stuff!). So here you’ll find some vintage, some cheap high street stuff and a bit from Etsy – have fun! I am sooooo tempted to get the „Merry Christmas“ necklace. Would be my first one!

Christmas Bling

Charming Fascinator by Frollein von Sofa

Frollein von Sofa makes delightful and fun little hats. So far only admired her work from afar. Guess some point next year that’ll change!

And this here is my personal bling for the season – the little sleigh brooch is vintage (another Ebay find). Got the charm bracelet 10 years ago (time flies!) as well as the earrings – it was from the States, where a nice lady was confused why she got all these orders from abroad, until I told her she made it into a German fashion magazine…

Miss Kittenheels' X-Mas Bling